Thursday, June 01, 2006

I Heart Tattooed Television

I admit it. I love reality shows about tattoo parlors. Usually the whole reality show genre tends to leave me cold for the same reason I can't write about "normal" people. They're boring. They're predictable. And their lives are really not that compelling. Don't get me wrong; I know a reality show about yours truly would be dreadfully dull. Who would want to watch telly about a neurotic horror writer whose life consists of many cocktails, poor romantic choices, and endless hours jibbering like a madwoman at her computer when it doesn't do what she wants it to do? Hmm. Well, when you put it that way...

I digress. This was about my favorite sorts of reality shows. The kinds where the men are hot and very very tattooed. A&E has Inked; TLC has Miami Ink. The former is set in Las Vegas in the Palms Casino and is owned by Carey Hart, possibly the foxiest motocross biker EVER. The latter is, obviously, set in Miami at a shop owned by Ami James, possibly the foxiest classic car owner EVER. Really, Miami Ink is the more interesting of the two because their clientle tends to get more unique tats. Considering Hart & Huntington Studios is in a freakin' casino, they get drunk tourists who want the cheesy shit. Roses, tribal armbands, etc. If it were me, I'd consider that the worst souvenir ever. Don't get me wrong, I have some ink myself, but I am very choosy about I want put on my body. (FYI: the next one will be a pair of matching trucker girl silhouettes on my breastbone.) Anyway, the tattoo artists on Miami Ink are more personable (I freakin' love Garver; the man is genius); the guys on Inked--while super foxy, especially Jesse and Joey--don't seem to have intriguing lives. Which is sort of sad since they are in Las Vegas. On Miami Ink, I like the spats, Ami James' matter-of-fact philosophy, and yes, the really sweet tats. I hope this show gets another season but until then I'll watch Inked, if only to wait for a bit with Carey Hart. Admittedly, tattooed boys only became part of my life about ten years ago, but once they did, it's very very hard to go back to boys without.

That's a different entry. And one more suited to the blog you find on my homepage.


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