Monday, June 05, 2006

BBC, ITV,'s all good stuff.

This is one of my new favorite TV shows, Little Britain. Matt Lucas and David Walliams (and he's very pretty when not in his scary costume make-up, by the way) are some of most insane twisted comedic geniuses I've come across in a long time. Go put the first two seasons on your freakin' Netflix queue.

I also watched the ITV miniseries, The Second Coming this weekend. It stars my beloved Chris Eccleston as a man who discovers he's the Son of God. It's quite well done, really, and raises some interesting theological questions. Could've done without the cheesy bit towards the end, though. The DVD extras do include a bit of brief nudity on his part. I love it when you can slow things down with a remote just to watch to your content.

I should write an ode to the Beeb.


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