Sunday, May 21, 2006

The worse a horror movie is...

...the more I tend to enjoy it. No foolin'.

When I got up this morning, I turned on TNT and discovered--much to my delight because I hated this movie when I saw in the theater six years ago--they were airing Dracula 2000. Naturally, I watched it. It's terrible. I mean, even as bad vampire movies go, this one stinks. I recall that the only reason I paid good money to experience that sort of suckage were three things.

1) It was filmed in New Orleans. I will watch any film regardless of awfulness if it features my old hometown and my favorite city in the world. (London and Tokyo are my other two favorite cities, in case you were curious.)

2) It has Jonny Lee Miller (Trainspotting, Hackers, Plunkett and MacLeane) in it. He gets to keep his accent. I get to keep drooling like an idiot.


Nathan "my future ex-husband" Fillion. He's a priest. And I feel all flushed.

Yeah, this is a shitty movie. But I'll take a shitty vampire movie over...well, almost anything else. Such is the love of crap. If it comes on cable, just sit down and watch it. You won't suffer the loss of too many brain cells.

One of the things that kept me late last night was that I started watching a special on string theory on PBS. String theory's one of those things that give me the creeps when I think about it too long. I fell asleep halfway through, but it's supposed to come on later this week. Some parts of it, that I remember, were very much like "Quantum Mechanics for Dummies." It made me laugh.

All right, now I'm off to see if anyone procured me a copy of "Rise of the Cybermen" from Series Two Doctor Who. I must feed the geek.


Blogger infidelirious said...

Nice blog. I like your sense of humor and your devotion to the Doctor.

3:10 PM  

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