Friday, May 12, 2006

Television is making my brains fall out

It really is, people.

I'm not saying I watch a lot of it, but what I do watch, I watch obsessively. (Again, Doctor Who, anyone?)

I went back to one of my old mainstays--CSI--for the two-part season finale last night. For those of you who don't know, or don't care, CSI appears to be about forensic science but in actuality, is more like rampant sex and gore for the average American viewer. If they can dress it up under the pretense that's about "the science", then the FCC will leave them the hell alone, I guess. Nonetheless, it's a good show and it features some of the most ridiculously beautiful people you have ever seen. To me, that right there is a suspension of disbelief. Men who are damn-near model pretty do NOT work in crime labs. I don't care what you say. Well, I've been behind this season, but the good thing about this show is that the stories are fairly self-contained and do not require much in the way of backstory. So I watched. I made comments--mostly ones of a lascivious nature towards Gary Dourdan. I wasn't entirely too surprised at the ending--Brass gets shot, the CSI team is in shock--because it wouldn't this show if one of the team didn't get somehow royally screwed in some way. Remember Nick from last year? Poor bastard can't even get through the new season without crying like a bitch. But I go on...

Heh. I just found out that production for Fantastic Four 2 goes under way in August. You know what this means! Well, hello, Mr. Fantastic.

I'm trying to figure out where along the line I became boy crazy. It certainly seems like it, yes?

I have made a list of the scariest televisions shows on the air right now. You can agree or disagree with me (and not surprisingly, a majority of them are on MTV):

* Date My Mom -- Nothing can ever EVER compare to this insanity. I am horrified.

* Parental Control -- Because every relationship I had would have been so much better if
I let my folks chose. *shudder*

* Deal or No Deal -- Well, at least Howie Mandel's getting work. Germophobe has-been.

There are others but I don't feel like exposing how much crap I let myself endure on a weekly basis.

And just before you think you'll get away from this entry without a Doctor Who reference....may I present to you a recipe for the Sonic Screwdriver! (Courtesy of the Whooligans on Barbelith.)

20 ml gin
20 ml vodka
20 ml white rum
20 ml Cointreau
20 ml blue Curacao

Build in a highball glass, top with Sprite/7-up. Wait for large blue police box to appear.


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