Sunday, May 14, 2006

So much time and only one Time Lord.

Would you believe I'm out of town and am still scavenging pics of the Ninth Doctor? This means I now frequent at least three different places dedicated to the show. There's my beloved mates on Barbelith, the super snarky recaps on Television Without Pity, and they have a great FAQ for the show by the way, and of course, the airer of the episodes in the States, the Sci Fi Channel. But I only to go that site to check the schedule and download pics that I can't find on the BBC's webpage for the show. (I bet you can only imagine how many pictures of Eccleston I have. Go on. Name a number. I bet you're wrong.)

Ask me anything at all about this current series. I bet I can even answer questions about series two as well.


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