Friday, May 19, 2006

The Doctor dances and I'm at ease.

Once again, Jacob from Television Without Pity has done it again. Read his recap of "The Doctor Dances" episode from Series One of Doctor Who and tell me that if that doesn't tug at your heartstrings. In fact, allow me to reprint yet another of my favourite tidbits.

If you met the Doctor, you'd want to give him a hug. Possibly a kiss with tongue. But if you read his résumé? Madman. Warrior. Killer of peoples, of worlds, of heroes, and soldiers. A living genocide. Nine is about the choice: whom would you be? Then, what must you do?

Once again, I'm telling you--I'M TELLING ALL OF YOU--if you disregard this show as nothing more than visual masturbation for fanboys, sci-fi geeks, and the rest of the lot, you aren't anywhere near as clever as you think you are. Or will ever be, for that matter. The show is tied so strongly into the cultural landscape of the British, once again read Jacob's bloody marvelous recap, that it trangresses all boundaries. Where here in the States, the Doctor gets regulated to comic cons and small groups of geeks, over there, it is MAINSTREAM. People of all backgrounds come together in their love for this show. You have to remember, and we always forget this, we do: this is designed as a children's show. Every British child grew up with a Doctor from their childhood. Even I did and I'm a just an American girl. (Mine was the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker.) The Doctor is important; he reminds us of errant heroism, of being clever without the aid of guns or weapons, and as Jacob has pointed out, the possibility of grace. Despite all the horrors and loneliness the Doctor endures, he's still here. He still believes in us "stupid apes." He's willing to help make the universe--wherever in time that may be--a better place. What's so wrong with that? If you truly love stories, believe in them, then what are you waiting for? It's time for you to rediscover your childhood. To believe in something like hope and sadness and what happens you're the last of your kind left.

It's on tonight at 9 PM on Sci Fi. I hope you'll be watching it.


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