Tuesday, May 16, 2006

British tabloids and guilty pleasures

I think everyone knows I'm an Anglophile. It's pretty damn obvious. My everyday speech is peppered with English terms; I prefer tea to coffee; I don't quite understand the beans on toast thing; and British television, especially, rocks my socks off. But you know what I really really love?

British tabloids. They are twice as clever and three times as nasty as American ones. The Sun, the Mirror, etc. Oh man, I could read these all day. But I won't because I do have things to do. But I will check; I will read my horoscope; I will applaud Kylie Minogue's courageous battle with breast cancer.

Anyway, tonight is one of my guilty television pleasures that while I'm confessing this to you, you cannot look at me like that. I am actually quite fond of Love Monkey with Tom Kavanaugh and Judy Greer. Let me tell you a secret: I am a sucker for any sort of movie or television show that discusses the ins and outs of love. Now I'm not a WB whore, but I do like Gilmore Girls because it's so very well-written and nicely done. And this series, while a bit heavy-handed at times, is also quite good. It's a lot to do with music and a lot to do with love. Again, total sucker. Love is a crazy complicated thing and I love it when some writer tries to sum it all up for us slackers. This is also a good time to tell you about other guilty pleasure, the one I only enjoy come Christmas time; I am a HUGE sucker for any film that involves the following three elements: 1)romantic comedy, 2)set during the holidays, and 3) involves an extraordinarily large British cast. No American movies need apply. Every year I watch Love Actually and every year I bum around my apartment in my whimsical pajamas with a bottle of wine and a cigarette, cursing the heavens. There are other ones, too, but best to ease you into this.

I just found this website off Boing Boing. It's some sort of weird German latex rubber gas mask fetish and when I saw it I thought immediately of the gas mask creatures from "The Empty Child" episode on Doctor Who. I find them vaguely titillating. But Germans scare me. Especially when you want to dress up like a refugee from the Blitz and do it.


These are what the things from "The Empty Child" look like. Except not all fetishy.


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